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I am Chuck Lehrer, COO, founder, and co-owner of ClutterTroops Organizing Solutions and Secure Move Management.

Home De-Clutter and Organization

Ask yourself these questions: Have I spent money re-purchasing an item that I couldn’t find in my home? Do I avoid inviting friends over because I am embarrassed about the mess in my home? Am I frustrated while cleaning because I don’t know where to begin? If you answered YES […]

Raising Responsible Children

Raising Responsible Children- Guest Blog by Tracey Clayton Are you familiar with the pain of stepping on a Lego? It’s just flagrant. Every one of us can sometimes forget to clean up after ourselves, but if that situation becomes a pattern, that is a problem. The truth is that we […]

Tips for Home Sellers – De-cluttering in the Fall

Tips for Home Sellers on De-cluttering in the Fall – Guest Blog by Lin Nulman ‘Tis the Season to De-clutter In the fall, sellers can find themselves with seasonal de-cluttering challenges, both indoors and outdoors. Especially if you’re selling a house that needs work, you want to minimize flaws and […]