Paper and Document Management

Paper and Document Management

paper and document management

Did you know that businesses in the U.S. lose approximately 89 billion dollars annually due to employees searching for lost items? In fact, office supplies are on the top of office workers’ list of items. Close to three in 10 (28%) will have lost a file folder by the end of the year. Your company’s time, money, and overall productivity rely heavily on paper and document management.

During our initial consultation, your organizing professional from ClutterTroops will discuss your day to day operations in the office. We hope to better understand and analyze your existing process of paper and document management. Our team will offer suggestions to make your existing system more efficient, or we can create an all new one!

De-clutter- After we have created a plan for your paper and document management, we have to de-clutter. This includes anywhere where documents and files may have gone astray. We  will then determine if each piece of paper needs to be re-filed, sent somewhere, or shredded.

Labeling and Filing- It’s time to implement your new system! ClutterTroops assists in labeling and filing all of your paperwork and documents safely and securely.

Shredding and Recycling– We understand that proper disposal of documents is important to your company! ClutterTroops offers shredding services for your sensitive documents and recycling options for everything else!

Benefits of Paper and Document Management

  • A clean and organized presentation for clients
  • Makes your clients feel more comfortable, especially if they are providing sensitive information.
  • Increases employee morale and overall
  • Helps to provide faster and better quality customer service
  • Faster document searches
  • Improving workflow processes

Documents VS. Records

ClutterTroops offers paper and document management services as well as records management services. Because ClutterTroops is committed to helping you get the BEST proper care, we want to make sure you understand the difference. Paper and document management will help your overall productivity as a result of streamlining your day-to-day operations. Our records management services involves the compliance in addition to the regulatory aspects of document management in the workplace. Records management establishes policies and standards so organizations can maintain each of their many types of records.