Productivity Training and Analysis

What is Productivity? defines productivity as follows. “A measure of the efficiency of a person, machine, factory, system, etc., in converting inputs into useful outputs.” With this in mind, we are challenging business owners to consider the overall productivity in their offices. There are many factors that contribute to the overall productivity of a business. Your management, employees, equipment, organizational systems and more!

Did you know that an estimated 38 working hours (or close to one work week) per person each year are lost as a result of looking for misplaced items in the office? Consequently, the cost associated with this disorganization totals up to 89 billion annually among full-time professionals in the U.S. You’re losing your time to poor organization, equipment failures, time management issues, and lack of employee discipline.

With ClutterTroops Productivity Training and Analysis, we are able to assess your needs and offer solutions to increase overall business productivity. As a result, you will save your company time and money!

Productivity Training for Your Employees

productivity trainingIn our initial consultation, we will take the time to speak to employees and management individually. As a result, we will learn about employee morale, personal productivity, and time management. We invite managers to speak openly with us about the business process and where they notice flaws. We will also inspect the working order of your equipment and office conditions. Collectively, we use this information to create a custom program for you and your team.

In conjunction with our time management training, we educate and inspire your employees to reach their full potential. The reason that our program is so successful is that ClutterTroops is able to act as a mediator between employees and management. As a neutral third party, we are able to get a better understanding of the expectations that employers and employees have for one another in the workplace.

Companies that currently measure employee morale typically do so by means of third party surveys or exit interviews. Through our productivity training program, employees feel acknowledged and valued. As a result, this can prevent high employee turn over and boost employee productivity. We contend that business owners and management should see an increase in employee morale after just one day of working with us.

Productivity Training for your Process

ClutterTroops will take the time to learn the ins and outs of your existing business process. We welcome management and employees to openly discuss concerns about productivity withinProductivity Training this process. After listening to your concerns, ClutterTroops will provide you with solutions to strengthen and streamline your day to day business operations. Once your business has decided on a new process, we will get to work organizing and implementing it!

We are able to assist your staff with paperwork and document management, including filing and labeling. Most importantly, we will assist you in records management. Cluttertroops can make sure that you are compliant with company standards, if applicable.

Productivity Analysis

Because ClutterTroops is given a fresh and insightful view into your business, we always leave business owners or management with an analysis on our findings. This report provides you with information that will help you going forward in your company, such as:

  • Office equipment upgrade recommendations based on productivity
  • Important anonymous recommendations by employees
  • Anonymous results of employee personality survey to help you better understand employee motivation
  • Itemized list of changes that were made during the training
  • Easy to read instructions for your new, streamlined business process

At the end of our training, we encourage management and employees to celebrate together. It takes the work of each individual to contribute to the overall success to the business. We strive to leave each team member motivated and members of management pleased with overall productivity!