Third Party Resouces

Third Party Resources

What is a Professional Organizer?

Sandra K Tunajek, CRNA, DNP CPIA Consultant provides an interesting article titled, “A Place for Stuff: Clutter Can Be Hazardous to Your Health”

Carrie Lane, associate professor of American Studies at Cal State Fullerton while writing, “What’s Driving the Demand for Professional Organizers” takes an anthropological look at the industry.

Melinda Beck shares her article and video “The Psychology of Clutter”

J.J.  McCorvey a writer at Inc.

Magazine writes “The Real Consequences of Office Clutter”

A recent survey says a disorganized workspace can lead to decreased productivity and unprofessional behavior.

Wendi Brick, M.S., Founder of CSA, has 20 years of experience incorporating customer service techniques in the workplace and writes “Your customers are the reason your organization or business exists”.

Brother International Corporation conducted a survey to determine how disorganization affects office productivity and how workers viewed themselves as well as others regarding disorganization. This very powerful survey is titled “WHITEPAPER: The Costs Associated with Disorganization”.