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Chuck Lehrer

Chuck Lehrer

Chuck Lehrer is the CEO of ClutterTroops Organizing Solutions. Chuck has spent 36 years working in sales and management. During that time, he had the opportunity to train and inspire employees. He prides himself on helping his employees achieve personal and business success without compromising their values or beliefs. Consequently, this ensures stellar productivity from all team members!

Chuck comes armed with a degree from QC Design school where he majored in professional organizing. As a result of his schooling, Chuck is an Advanced International Organizing Professional and a Senior Move Manager. As a member of NAPO and NASMM, he works by a strict code of ethics and continues training through those organizations. Therefore, he can continue to provide you, your family, and your business with quality service. Chuck is an experienced educator. As a result, he is able to restore your freedom through organization, but also give you the information you need to help maintain your newfound freedom.

Serena Brontide

Serena is the marketing director and community liaison for ClutterTroops Organizing Solutions. With a heavy background in sales and marketing, she has committed to proving the integrity and qualifications of our company in our community.

Serena has a natural love for organization and design. As a green enthusiast, she is able to assist in creating recycling systems into homes and businesses. Additionally, she uses her computer skills to assist residential and business clients to keep their personal computers and additional technology organized and their documents safe!

Garyson Lehrer

Charisma and charm come together as one in this Move Manager in training! Therefore, Garyson is our go-to guy for muscles and our best highly trained assistant. Garyson has been with ClutterTroops from the beginning! He started as a part-time employee in 2014 while going  to school. He graduated from Liberty High School in South Riding, Virginia in 2015 and has been with us ever since!

Additionally, Garysons friendly nature and strong work ethic make him the ideal employee and assistant to work quickly and effectively alongside Chuck.