Time Management Training

Working Smarter… 

Cluttered DeskAt ClutterTroops, we aren’t afraid of hard work! But we also know that simply showing up and spinning your wheels in the workplace doesn’t always lead to productivity. With our Time Management Training, we will show you how organization and planning can help you to be MORE effective at work in the same amount of time. 

All too often, we find that truly dedicated employees and managers are becoming frustrated in the work place. They are missing important e-mails and documents are becoming impossible to locate. As a result, that employee is contributing to company loss, a drop in morale, and often poor customer service. You may find, however, that this employee is far from lazy. In fact, this employee always seems to be working harder than everyone else in the office. In this case, your employee or employees may find a great benefit in ClutterTroop’s Time Management Training course.

Time Management Training

They say that “No man is an island.” and that is true in an office space as well. To keep your office running at full efficiency, your employees must learn how to best manage their own time, but also realize how it affects their co-workers. In our extensive consultation, ClutterTroops listens to you and your employees identify the day to day struggles and grievances in the workplace. As a result, we are able to structure a training that will be specific to the needs in your business.

Your professional organizer will show you FIRST HAND the benefits of organization, both in the office and at each individuals desk. We will express to you that taking the time to properly file documents, implement a schedule, and plan out your work ahead of time can actually make you more effective. These changes will improve individual employee stress and prevent loss for business owners.

In the original consultation, we learned how operations are currently running in your business. Together we identified the weak areas in your current system. Using this information, ClutterTroops will offer solutions to solidify this process and streamline operations. One way that we work with your employees is to coach them to properly prioritize competing tasks. As a result, this can strengthen the bond between employees, management, customer relationships, and boost morale.

 Why Train Employees?

Some managers opt to keep a revolving door of employees rather than taking the time to properly train existing employees that show promise. However, hiring and firing employees is Time Management Trainingcostly in itself. Background checks, paid training, and hours spent interviewing add up quickly! With proper time management training and inspiration, you could experience a whole new staff without hiring!

Of course, a business should consider the financial benefit to training employees. Poor time management and inefficiency in the work place can actually COST a business between 20%-30% of their annual revenue! Consider all of the places that revenue would be more efficient in your office.

Lastly, consider the appearance. Having freshly trained and newly motivated employees reflects well on management and owners to both existing and potential clients. With an organized office and employees working at a higher capacity individually and as a unit, clients and customers will most certainly take notice. Your customers will rest assured that their money is being put into a business that takes care of their employees- thus ensuring better service for them in the future.