Combining Households

Combining Households

There are many reasons that people are combining households more and more! For some couples, moving in together might be the obvious next step. Due to the high cost of living in theCombining Households area, many people find it more affordable to have a roommate. Additionally, adult children invite their elderly parents into their home for company and personal care. Whatever the combination, ClutterTroops can assist in making the transition from two to one easy!

Twice The Clutter

When bringing multiple households together, we know that it means there will be twice the clutter, but not always twice the space! In every move we recommend taking the time to downsize before hiring movers. However, unlike a traditional move, when you are combining households, you might find that you both are making additional sacrifices. With two completed households, it may not be possible to keep all of your collections. There may not be room for both dinnerware sets and furniture. ClutterTroops works together with you to decide which items will be kept, resold, recycled, and donated.

It isn’t often that any two people can agree on absolutely everything. When combining households, you might also find that you are combining personal style. ClutterTroops acts as a mediator and guide as you and your new housemate seek out balance and a style that represents you both. By setting clear boundaries and utilizing a floor plan, we can help you make educated decisions about which items should be kept and which should go. We help you base decisions on style, space, condition, and quality rather than basing decisions on emotional attachment alone.

While the relationship might not be new, this new living situation adds a new depth to your relationship. Hiring a professional organizer to assist as you make this transition can help ease tension and frustration. In doing so, your living relationship can start off stronger.Combining Households

Move Managers

As you are downsizing and preparing to move, our team of Move Managers can help you with all of the finer details of the move! No matter what the circumstances are that inspired the change in your living situation, there’s a lot going on! We help make sure that no details slip through the cracks during the process.

We can assist you in preparing your current home for sale. This includes hiring service providers and arranging your schedule. We are able to assist in removing unwanted items and label boxes according to the floor plan to make unpacking easy. We will even help you make changes to your address and arrange for utility services to be stopped and started for you. You can use as many or as few services as necessary to complete your transition with ease!

If you are combining households with a loved one who requires extra consideration in regards to safety, please consider contacting us about our Senior Move Managers. They are qualified to do a home safety inspection. This includes inspecting for fall risks, installing safety features, and de-cluttering with special equipment (such as wheel chairs) in mind.