Office Design

Why Office Design Is Important

Office OrganizationWhether you have a new office or your existing office needs a spruce, ClutterTroops can help with Office Design! But why is design so important for your business?

It Helps Employees Do Their Jobs

ClutterTroops can create a cohesive office design that optimizes productivity in each department. It would be a mistake to assume that all departments benefit from the same type of working environment. For example, your marketing team could benefit from an environment that fosters their creativity. Alternatively, your sales department needs to be clean and visually appealing for customers, without being too distracting to the sales employees.

It Helps To Brand Your Company

 Marketing your business is not simply about the ads anymore. It has become a piece of art that comes alive in your office. The culture that you create for your employees and clients can speak volumes about your business. Utilizing natural light and a clean design that makes your targeted market feel comfortable will always make a better impression than cubicles with fluorescent lights. This shows your clients that you are both thoughtful and detail oriented while at the same time, boosting employee morale. ClutterTroops will set-up and design your office to be a visible representation of your company’s best features.

Office Design 

Set Up

Our goal is to create an office space for you that is beautiful, memorable, and functional. As professional organizers, we are able to implement organizational systems in your paperwork Office Designand documents, including filing and labeling. We will also establish your record management systems in compliance with regulations you are required to follow. As a result, your business and client documents are kept safely.


ClutterTroops works with you to design an office space that is visually appealing and speaks to the integrity of your company with employees and clients in mind. Your organizer will discuss options for making your office comfortable and safe for employees. We will also ask you questions to better understand your clients to ensure they are getting the proper impression when walking in. As a result, your office design will speak directly to your target market and leave a lasting impression.