ClutterTroops Professional Organizer/Secure Move Manager Hourly Rates:


*Hourly rates do not include travel expenses for long distances or supplies.


Initial Consultation:

  $100 Per Visit 


You and your Professional Organizer will assess the current living and working conditions to help you define where you are now and where you want to be. During the consultation, we will ask you questions to best put together a customized solutions plan.

Customized Solutions Plan or Secure Move Guide:             

     $70 Per Hour

Your Professional Organizer and Move Manager will develop floor/design plans. In doing so, they are providing a visual presentation of organizing solution options. You can choose to tackle the job yourself or hire ClutterTroops to support you through the process. Because it we take the time to personalize your move, there is a fee for this service. However, If you choose to have ClutterTroops implement your Customized Solutions Plan or Secure Move Guide, this fee is included.


Solutions Implementation and Move Management:                           

$70 Per Hour or Per Project

This is where our partnership blooms. Your Professional Organizer/Move Manager will walk you through the emotional process of separating your items. After that, ClutterTroops’s trained professionals will help you determine what you will keep, sell, donate, or discard. Finally, we will then train everyone involved on how to maintain a clutter free home/office.


Organizing Assistant:

                                                                                                                          $40 Per Hour as Needed

Because not every job is a one man show, additional talents and muscle are sometimes needed. As a result, we ask our Professional Organizers in training to step up to the plate! They serve as a great help for your Move Manager. Also, they come at a discounted price to you!





Maintenance Program:                                 

     $70 Per Hour         


Because we are dedicated to your success, your Professional Organizer will schedule periodic follow-ups with you. At that time they will conduct ongoing analysis to determine effectiveness of the current strategy and implement any adjustments necessary to improve your clutter-free home. As a result, you will be developing great habits and stay organized long after we are gone!



Small Business and Non-Profit Organizations:

Per Project

ClutterTroops Office Organizing Solutions implements and conducts training on the principles of time management to organize, de-clutter, simplify, and clean the office. As a result, you and your employees will be able to pursue a higher level of productivity.

ClutterTroops services include: