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Client Testimonials

“I had several years of the normal garage accumulation and no time to restore any organization myself. Chuck and his apprentice, Garyson showed up at the time agreed and got right to work. In less than a full day of work ClutterTroops had my garage organized and separated better than I would have been able to request in detail. I already have them scheduled to come back and do our 5th bedroom and storage/laundry area in the next few weeks. I look forward to working with ClutterTroops again then and updating on the progress that they continue to help us with towards a clutter free and sensibly organized home.


  • Matt K., Winchester, VA

“ClutterTroops truly is the solution for all your decluttering needs. They are considerate, efficient and most of all they truly care about their clients. Highly Recommended!”

  • Suzi S., Loudoun County, VA

Decorators at the highest level and professional organizers rolled up into one in this husband and wife team. I would still be sitting on unopened boxes but for them. Their positive can-do attitude made my life seamless and now my closet looks like a boutique too!”

  •  Tracy H., Winchester, VA

More Client Testimonials

Chuck and Susan Lehrer are undeniably superb professionals who have a skillful way of organizing and designing areas that are both efficient and appealing. We have had a professional relationship with the Lehrers for over 14 years, and they are tremendously reliable, dependable, and trustworthy, and are masters of their craft. Given the opportunity, we unequivocally choose ClutterTroops to simplify our lives and streamline our home. Additionally, Chuck and Susan show genuine concern and care to their clients. I strongly recommend ClutterTroops as they treat you like family; you will not be disappointed.”

  • Sam and Heather K., Fayetteville, NC

“Last year we found ourselves in the middle of a chaotic move, and desperately needed to get our home ready for the market and an upcoming open house. As we have known the Lehrers since 2004, we did not hesitate to call them in their new business, and it was the best decision we made. ClutterTroops did in two days what other realtors, stagers, and moving experts could not do in weeks. We received an offer on the first day!”

  • David and Irma M., Falls Church, VA

“Chuck Lehrer is the consummate customer service professional. He listens with great care, is painstaking in his attention to detail, and executes with precision. It is rare to find someone with such a commitment to excellence, rarer still to find it matched with a sense of humor and a genuine love for his craft……”

  • Jeffrey C., York, VA

More Client Testimonials

“In September of 2016 as we planned our forthcoming move to The Village at Orchard Ridge, the task of DOWNSIZING was monumental to us. In talking to The Village at Orchard Ridge about our move they recommended your company (ClutterTroops). That was a blessing in disguise. You responded PROMPTLY to our first phone call September 2016.

We set up an appointment for you to come to our house and we had a four hour meeting. After going over all of the extensive details and your interest in our downsizing project, we agreed to use your services. Our next appointment you presented us with a personalized notebook with EVERY DETAIL of our upcoming move from our home in Martinsburg (2690 Square feet) to our apartment in Winchester, VA (763 square feet).

You arrived promptly for every single meeting and your attention to DETAIL was unbelievable. After 50 years of marriage, we had a house full of a lifetime of memories. Very sentimental furniture pieces, many photo albums, large book collection (over 512!), music records, DVDs, CDs, and assorted memorabilia that one collects during those years. Our move went very smooth THANKS TO CLUTTERTROOPS! We could not have done it without you! We are so grateful!

As the packing/removing of heavy boxes and furniture started you would bring your fine nephew Garyson to assist you and it was always non-stop work from the moment of your arrival until you left two hours later. Your professionalism, integrity, work ethic, and attention to detail is unbelievable. Please know that we wish you the very best and continued success in your business. THANK YOU!”

  • Mina & Bob G., Winchester, VA

3rd Party Survey Results

“This was my first time leveraging this service in my relocation with my company and it was extremely helpful! Chuck was very thoughtful and meticulous in unpacking and organizing my kitchen stuff.”

  • Jungyoon S., Hagerstown, MD

“This was amazing… I wish I had more than the 12 hours! I’m actually going to look into hiring them out separately for more unpacking help.- Thank you!”

  • Taylor M., Charlestown, WV

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