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Go Green!

go greenClutterTroops is proud to be a green company that practices re-using and recycling on a regular basis. When working with clients who are downsizing, we encourage them to recycle and donate items as often as possible and avoid adding to the landfills.

According to a recent Yale University/EPA study, the U.S. recycles less than 22% of its discarded materials. Those numbers have not improved in over 20 years. We believe that one reason people are not recycling is because there is a great amount of confusion when it comes to what you are able to recycle. This is due to inconsistency with recycling from county to county.

Another reason we believe people are not recycling is because of the added time and effort required. Just as everything else, if you think there is an easier way, there probably is!

ClutterTroops will use the 3 R’s of Recycling to help you go green!

Reduce- Many people have far more in their home than they will ever need. Coincidentally, due to having so much, we often lose track of items. The result is that we will then re-purchase items, adding to the clutter and spending more than necessary. By sorting through your items and downsizing, you can save yourself money and space.

Reuse – It is always our goal when organizing a client’s home to minimize cost! One way we accomplish that is by taking existing tools and containers and reusing them. We are best known for our creative solutions for organizational issues caused by clutter!

Recycle- After we sort and downsize your items, ClutterTroops will help you to recycle them as needed. This includes donating items to charities and taking items to recycling centers. We support local recycling centers for paper, glass, plastic, and cans. We also help our clients properly dispose of electronics and toxic items.


If you would like to de-clutter with green solutions or have ClutterTroops assist you in implementing a recycling organization system into your home Contact Us now!